The Bath & Body Retreat Box

Bathing is a means of caring for your skin. Its not just about the scrmptious soak but its benefits go beyond. Its a simply the act of relaxation. THIS BATH AND BODY RETREAT BOX comes with bathing essentials to provide you with an amazing bathing experience and a perfect me time.


The Bath & Body Retreat Box




    Sink into an ocean of calmness and serenity with the Pink Lotus Shower Gel. Lush in lather and heavenly in fragrance, this simply marvellous shower gel comes enriched with natural pink lotus flower extract that’s not only a great de-stressor for the mind but also known for its anti-ageing goodness which keeps your skin supple, smooth and softly aglow.






    Lusciously fragrant and richly hydrating hand and body lotion that gives intensive moisturization and anti-inflammatory protection to make skin silken smooth and irritation-free.






    Rainbow Body scrub. Its exfoliating crystals , tutti fruity fragrance and the beautiful colours not only exfoliate your body but also gives smooth and glow effect on your skin leaving the refreshing fragrance that stays for long on your body. Blend of Natural Nourishing Oils like Almond Oil, Coconut Oil, Vitamin E oil, Sugar n Natural Colours






    A treat for your eye - handmade soap that looks so alluring!



    SUGAR CUBE SCRUB         



    These exfoliating cubes are formulated with sugar granules and Skin Nourishing Oils, to help exfoliate the dead skin cells build-up. Exfoliating with Sugar Scrub Cube will help create the appearance of smoother glowing skin. A handmade formulation with all natural ingredients.






    Rose Whipped Soap!! It’s Creamy, Dreamy and full of moisturising oils. Made with Goat Milk, Glycerine, Shea Butter, and Rose Oil. A handmade product with all natural ingredients.

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