Long gone are those times when gifting was limited to only family and friends! Today, employee gifting and corporate gifting has become an integral part of the work culture!

If customer is the king, employees are the real treasure !

Any company’s greatest asset is it’s employees and the most appropriate reward for their hardwork and dedication is “appreciation” !

Statistics show that about 82% of employers and bosses wait for a festival or event to pay their employees “bonus” for the year’s hardwork but is it really enough?

In today’s world (especially with Work from home coming into the picture) where employees prioritise their job over health and families, work overtime even on weekends, give their 200% effort and commitment, a pat on the back would make a gigantic difference in motivating them!

And if “employee gifting” isn’t that “pat on the back”, then we don’t know what will ever be!!

Did you know? - Employees who receive recognition and praise show increased productivity and get better feedback from customers. They're just more engaged at work.

An organisation is like a sea containing various different fish. In this case, employees! We, at Tastefully Loaded, have thoughtfully handpicked gifts for each and every type of employee :-

  • Chai lover - For the one who needs a cutting chai before and after every task/meeting, choose from our range of - herbal tea, luxury tea or blue tea pyramids! We guarantee that there is nothing that one cannot achieve after a cup of chai !

  • Fitness freak - you know that one employee who can’t stop posting pictures from the gym and who prefers protein shakes over coffee and chai. We have curated some healthy yet scrumptous options like Assorted nut cookies and flavoured dryfruits.

  • Stationery fanatic - We all know somehow who loves and collects stationery and how!! For these employees, go for our unique plantable stationery! Motivate them and help sustain our environment. Hit 2 targets with 1 arrow!

  • Chocolate hogger - The “C” word that can melt anyone in seconds! Try out our chocolate barks in 3 exciting flavours! Fun fact - Chocolate helps boost memory!

  • Binge watcher - There is always one person who stays up at nigh to watch shows and web series! You can gift this employee our scented soy candle and incense cones which will create a relaxing ambience for him/her to binge watch!

This festive season, pamper your hardworking employees with our pre-curated and customizable gift boxes as a token of appreciation. Encourage them with a “Keep it up” and “Thank you for being an integral part of our organization” and see them perform wonders!

Click here to start with employee gifting !

Happy shopping !

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