Corporate gifting strategy to increase sales

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

There are three main reasons for implementing corporate gifting as a marketing tool. The first is to attract new customers and to remind existing ones of your company's brand. The second is to support employees who have sales responsibilities or act as part of the sales team. And finally, it's about making existing clients feel valued and appreciated through their partners and associates..

Tastefully Loaded solves the dilemma by providing a turnkey solution for organizations looking to give their stakeholders something truly memorable, that is not only a hit with employees and prospects, but also aligns with overall corporate branding and culture. We help you make your message stand out by customizing each gift to the specific receiver. Whether it's a promotional giveaway or an executive present, we customize the item and message for you.

If you are looking to make a real connection with your customers, There is a unique opportunity to connect with customers in the modern world. Sending personalized thoughtful gifts allows you to create connections that would otherwise be impossible. You can easily send customizable and branded souvenirs to your clients, partners or employees. The gift of personalization makes all the difference in creating a memorable experience for people—a key component in creating sustainable relationships..

Gifting is about using tangible objects to create a personal connection. We let you select, design and send high-quality personalized gifts to your customers, employees or loved ones every day. We offer corporate gifts for every occasion: Product Launch, Employee Appreciation, Client Retention, PR Gifting ... You can even use our platform to send out professional invitations for any event!

Here are three strategies you can use to turn gifting into a profitable marketing strategy

Book a meeting with gifting

Gifting is probably the oldest marketing ploy in the book. As a matter of fact, gifts have been used from time immemorial as a means of currying favor and winning friends. In our increasingly digital business environment, gifting has become even more important than ever before. From large corporations to small startups, businesses all over the world are using gifting as part of their marketing strategy and personalizing it with their own unique touch..

Gifting strategy for retention and brand loyalty

The thought of losing customers to the competition can be heart-wrenching for any business. In an effort to retain their customers, many companies will offer a discount after renewing a subscription or give them a free gift. While these techniques work well to recognize and reward customers, if you want to create a more meaningful bond with your clientele, surprising them with something useful is likely going to make it harder for them to switch brands..

Increase employee engagement and recognition

We can help you plan, purchase and deliver gifts to your employees. We focus on the needs of businesses, enabling them to create an internal culture of gratitude and appreciation, while at the same time creating a highly personalized rewarding experience for their employees.

Gifting is the easiest way to break through your customer’s inbox clutter. Whether it's an on-the-fly thank you, or a more thoughtful gift for a special occasion, we make it easy and effortless. Visit us here to know more about how we can work with you to grow your brand exposure through gifting.

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